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  • Day Started Oct 31, 2020

About Us


We are committed to trying harder and better to actively manage our clients’ investments over the long-term. Our fund managers undertake several researches to evaluate, first-hand, investment decisions. Investment decisions rely on independent fundamental research which gives us a comprehensive understanding of countries, sectors and companies. Over the years we have developed our internal research process, through experience and various tested strategies. Our entrepreneurial culture favours teamwork, idea sharing, and cultural and geographic diversity.


Modern technologies

To get started you need a cryptocurrency wallet. Despite the rather wide choice of electronic processors for investment, Cryptocurrency remains the base currency of Finantia Investment - the basis of our financial activity and an anchor cryptocurrency that we generate. In order to join you need to have a special electronic wallet for storing cryptocurrency and operating by. We have been specializing in this for a long time in order to have some recommendations. The safest and most convenient to use are Coinbase, Blockchain, Coinpayments and any strong wallet of your choice. Registration of a personal wallet there is free and instant. Once you own a cryptocurrency address, you can freely buy Bitcoin by clicking on this link - https://buy.bitcoin.com.


Vast selection of financial products to help build and expand your diversified portfolio.


Financial experts are within reach to assist you in making your financial dreams a reality.


Intertwined worldwide networks that allows fast dissemination of news across the globe - making most of the news before it becomes public.


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